The sheer spread of cell phones in the City are often overlooked by the market researchers. From grocers to housewives to school children, from taxi drivers to models to street cleaners, even old ladies and granddads in old-age homes, and sometimes even criminals in jails, just about everyone except babies have mobile cell phones. The majority do not own the luxury iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy models, but common budget smart phones. The density of the Urban Population is such that the budget cell phones are owned by the majority, and make a substantial pool of demand. Yet, in a time honored principle, it is the Rich who get looked after by the telecommunications giants. It is on the door steps of their palatial residences that the Booster towers are mostly located, while the common people have to often leave their humble homes and stand outside, in inclement weather, to receive phone-calls, which may suddenly be interrupted or dropped. Even when this does not happen, the voice quality is often miserable. Long distance calls sound clear while voices next door are muffled. The scope for the Cell Signal Booster is very large in the urban milieu.

Signal Strengths For The Poor  

The lower signal strength is often a factor of the frequency of the Booster towers, at regular intervals, provided by the Carriers. In the matter of selection of location or even in Booster power, the poor have no say, though they may represent higher combined purchasing power. There are extreme congestions of network traffic in the poorer urban areas of a city as well as traditional business areas. Extreme overuse sometimes causes signal strength to each individual device to sometimes fall so low that it becomes virtually undetectable. Man-made obstructions and terrain features, as well as the distance from a cell tower, may also cause slow data rates and dropped calls.

 signal booster

Throwaway Cellphones

The arrival of budget cell phones with smart features has increased the demand for greater signal strength.

Boosters Or Towers

It has become obvious now that Booster Towers by the Carriers will not solve the problem completely. Instead, a Cell Signal Booster is a handy answer, as it also makes room for individual initiative and investment.

Involvement and Local Subsidies

What is now required to boost the growth of these devices and so solve a chronic problem with essential networks, are Subsidies and encouragement to the manufacturers to place these Boosters cheaply on the market for everyone.