united students against sweatshops

2000-2001 Coordinating Committee Procedural Rules

Coordinating Committee Calls: The United Students Against Sweatshops 2000-2001 will meet weekly by conference call.

Call Structure: It is advised that each call agenda include:

Voting: The CC will strive for consensus in making all decisions. A 2/3 majority will be required to pass any vote by the CC.

Call Tasks: At the end of each call, the CC will assign the following roles to one of its members for the following call:

Sub-Committees: Each CC member will facilitate at least one of the following committees. That CC member will report back to the CC for that committee at least every other week:

Transition: Each member of the CC will draft a report on the Committee's experience for the succeeding CC

Regional Organizers: Regional Organizers will file bi-monthly reports on regional activities to the coordinating Committee and the USAS list-serve