united students against sweatshops

Directions for printing out the Anti-sweat Christmas Carols Songbook:

The pages won't make much sense when you open them on your computer screen, since it's designed as a folded booklet. It ends up being only 7 sheets of paper, all double-sided and folded in half. Oh, and I didn't come up with a nifty cover or back pages, so I figure folks can use that to put local-specific stuff, like maybe pictures from your campaign, or your group's name, whatever you like. So...

  1. Download the file here.
  2. The file is a PDF file and you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it.
  3. Print out the whole thing (14 pages).
  4. You'll notice the cover pages and inside back cover have been left mostly empty - use these pages to include information about your local campaign, etc.
  5. Take every other page and flip it 180 degrees so it's upside down relative to the page before/after it (text still on the same side, just upside down).
  6. Stick this stack in a copy machine and tell it to turn the single copies into double-sided ("1 -> 2") sheets, and if you want to do multiple copies make sure it's going to collate them for you. 4.) take the whole stack and fold it in half. it should work just nicely now.
  7. Go to your nearest GAP, Niketown, campus bookstore, or any other fun sweatshop retailer and have a field day! Santa hats and costumes are recommended!

This particular songbook was compiled by Nick Laskowski, though the songs have been written and compiled many, many times by many amazing USAS activists.