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ALL BLOG POSTERS - we now have an automatic headline system! Woo-hoo, you don't need to let Nick know when you post things anymore!! However, you do need to insert a teeny little piece of javascript code into the beginning of each of your posts. Paste this code directly in to the top of your blog post:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">headlinethis("INSERTHEADLINEHERE");</script>

It is very important that you do not put any line breaks (pressing return) in the middle of the code: paste it in all as one line, and of course, put the headline you'd like where it's indicated. Please try to keep the headlines short enough to fit on one line of the webpage - it isn't designed for long headlines and we'll have to edit them if it's a problem. Also, don't put any double-quotation marks (") in your headline. Thanks!!

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Quick HTML Tutorial for Blog Posting

This section covers some very basic HTML techniques that you can use to make posts to the Blog a bit more expressive, such as bold, italics, links, lines, and images. If you'd like a more comprehensive HTML reference to begin learning, a good resource is Netscape's DevEdge HTML Tag Reference.

Text formatting

To make some text bold, you would type it in (type it directly into the Blog post window like normal) like this:

     <b>I want this text to be bold.<b>

It will then appear like this:

     I want this text to be bold.

To make some text italicized, you would type it in as so:

     <i>I want this text to be in italics.<i>

It will then appear like this:

     I want this text to be in italics.


To insert a hyperlink into the text, you need to do two things: you need to enclose the text you want linked in <a> (Anchor) tags, and you need to provide a href or URL, to where you want the link to go. Be sure to include the full URL, with the "http://www." and all.

     <a href="http://www.usasnet.org">This is a link to USAS<a>.

It will then appear like this:

     This is a link to USAS.


Sometimes you may want some way beyond just line breaks (i.e. pressing return) to format the text. You can use <hr> (Horizontal Rule) tags to create a line.

Just to be fancy, if you want to make your line less than the full width of the screen, or even a different color, you can add elements to the <hr> tag, such as width="50%" or color="red".

     <hr width="50%" color="red" align="right"> Here is a red line that only fills half the screen, aligned to the right.

It will then appear like this:

     Here is a red line that only fills half the screen, aligned to the right.


At this point, if you want an image to show up with the Blog post, you'll have to let the webmaster know, because we'll have to upload the image to the site. But just to give you an idea, the code for an image would look like this:

     <img src="images/pictureofme.jpg" align="right">

Hopefully all of this will be enough to give some extra expressive abilities to your Blog posts. Feel free to e-mail a webmaster if you need more than this.